The R3 Team


A message from the founders

R3 Reform was created from our shared love of health and fitness, specifically our love of high intensity reformer Pilates workouts. We built our studio so we could share our passion with a community of like-minded people. Our studio is more than just a place where you workout and go home. No doubt we offer a fun, immersive and challenging workout experience, but R3 is also a place where you are always welcome; it’s a place where you can get fit and healthy whilst hanging out with old friends and meeting new people.

Welcome to the R3 community, we can’t wait to get to know you!

Love Bernie, Eric, Sandra, Terence.


Pilates Instructor,  Cert IV Pilates

Terence is one of the founders of R3 Reform. He is a soccer and fitness enthusiast who developed a love for high intensity workouts during time in the military. After going for his first reformer Pilates class 4 years ago, he loved the workout style so much he decided to study a Cert IV in Pilates. Now an instructor, he brings his enthusiastic, positive and motivating personality to all the classes he teaches.


Pilates Instructor,  Cert IV Pilates

Gabs exudes a love for Pilates, fitness and health and wants nothing more than to help others become healthy and strong. She was drawn to Pilates because of its cross training capabilities and emphasis on balance in the body. As an instructor, she has a great appreciation for Pilates’ adaptability being able to meet her clients wherever they are now and continue to build on their fitness journey from there. Join her in the targeted, educated, but energetic sessions at R3 Thursday evenings, Wednesday & Sunday mornings.


Pilates Instructor,  Cert IV Pilates

Valerie is passionate in helping people to maintain a sustainable fitness lifestyle through pilates. She fell in love with how pilates is a calming way to move and challenge the body. Pilates has been beneficial to gaining her strength both mentally and physically. Equipped with Certificate IV in Pilates and her soft-spoken nature, she will deliver a challenging workout in an inclusive environment that brings tranquility to the mind.


Pilates Instructor, Cert IV Pilates

Bernie is another R3 founder. Four years ago she went to her first Pilates Reformer Class and since then has done over two hundred more! She is a maestro when it comes to programming flowing Pilates workouts which will leave you out of breath. As a practicing dentist and a mother, Bernie has found that Pilates workouts have been instrumental in maintaining her fitness, flexibility and posture.


Pilates Instructor, Cert IV Pilates

Naomi is an experienced instructor who has been practicing Pilates for over 6 years. She loves the challenge of anything core or oblique focused, like a teaser or a snake. Naomi doesn’t just teach fitness, she lives and breathes it too. When not teaching, she trains 5 days a week. Also keeping her busy are her 3 children and her golden retriever. Her proudest moment was seeing her 3 kids on SBS’ Insight program. And Naomi’s favourite aspect of teaching? Meeting clients and helping them reach their fitness goals!


Administration, Fitness Enthusiast

Sandra is the third founder of R3. She is a mother of 2, a fitness and wellbeing enthusiast who is passionate about women’s health and enjoys promoting fitness as part of a lifestyle. Sandra is full of positivity and will be your biggest cheerleader. She is always open for a chat so make sure to speak with her regarding your fitness journey, because she has tried it all before falling in love with Pilates.