Mum and Bub Classes


Our Mum and Bub class caters for mums who want to bond with their baby whilst getting fit. It’s also a great option for those parents who are struggling to fit in exercise along with their new arrival.

These classes feature high-intensity, low impact workouts which have been modified to be baby friendly. You have the freedom to include your bub in the workout or bring along your pram or play mat to leave them playing or sleeping safely nearby.

You’ll be in a safe environment so if you need to feed or change bubs you’re more than welcome to do it on the reformer during the class or wherever in our studio you feel comfortable. To allow you more freedom to move around we’ve limited class sizes to a maximum of 8.

After the class, why not head to our stretch area where you can continue your warm down and meet new parents.

Your checklist:

  • Active wear
  • Grippy socks
  • Water bottle
  • Sweat towel (optional)

Bub's checklist:

  • Playmat or stroller
  • Spare nappy and nappy change toiletries
  • Favourite toy
  • Milk / food / water (optional)
Just quickly...


  • This class is generally best suited for babies between 6 weeks and 14 months, depending on their mobility.
  • As with all our classes, please make sure you are cleared for group fitness classes by a medical practitioner prior to attending.