Corporate Packages


Thanks for your interest in our Corporate Packages and caring about the health and wellbeing of your staff or colleagues.

Our Corporate Packages are tax deductible, heavily discounted bundles of 5 class packs (with yearly expiry). The more packs you purchase, the greater the discount. Simply complete the Enquiry Form below and we’ll get back to you with pricing. If you don’t know the people you want to give the packs to, you can leave that field blank. The spare class packs will just remain on your account until you tell us who you want to assign them to (or until you use them yourself).


  1. Don’t forget to keep the tax invoice if you want to claim it as a tax deduction.
  2. You can purchase our Corporate Packages either as an individual or a business entity.
  3. Seek advice from your accountant if you’re unsure whether you can claim this as a tax deduction.

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